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Former elite military unit commander, leadership & resilience expert

Keynote speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist military unit commander, combat helicopter pilot, wounded veteran, international athlete, musician, and mental health charity campaigner.

Following his retirement, and drawing on experience from leadership roles within diverse multinational military, civilian, government and sports organisations, Ash now supports businesses and leaders seeking to build resilience and adapt to win in today’s increasingly complex environment.


Speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist military unit commander in the British Armed Forces, who has been shot and wounded multiple times during combat missions. During a two-decade career, Ash became one of the most operationally experienced officers of his generation, spending nearly 7 years deployed, and leading elite forces in some of the world’s most complex and hostile environments.


Why you should book speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

  • He has extensive personal insight and lived experience through his international government and business roles. As one of the most experienced officers of his generation, Speaker Ash has successfully led teams in some of the most complex and challenging environments.
  • Ash takes the lessons he learned from extremely high-stakes and high-pressure situations and translates them in ways to help improve team performance, leadership skills and business outcomes.
  • In addition to his military credentials, Ash is a former international elite athlete and an award-winning international musician.
  • Ash has advised business clients across multiple continents in sectors including multi-national healthcare, mining, energy, finance, technology, and retail.

Ash recognised that many companies today experience very similar difficulties to what he and his colleagues faced in combat, so he now helps businesses and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and behaviours necessary to adapt and win. He uses some of the most empowering and motivational stories from his time spent overseas to help companies and teams fulfil their full potential.

about ash alexander cooper

Keynote speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE, is a former specialist military unit commander, combat helicopter pilot, wounded veteran, international athlete, musician, and mental health charity campaigner.

Ash now focusses his attention on supporting businesses and leaders to address issues including leadership and resilience, team-building, culture, talent management and more. He draws on lessons learned from more than 25 years of experience in managing and leading diverse multinational military, civilian, government, sports, and other elite teams and groups to grow within all types and sizes of organisations.

Ash Alexander-Cooper uses insight and experience from his background working in some of the world’s most challenging, hostile and complex environments, with powerful examples of resilience, leadership, teamwork and trust, in order to guide and help improve outcomes.

Bear Grylls

"Ash is one of the most experienced Special Operations soldiers of his generation and has learned these lessons of resilience the hard way! His stories are so inspiring and it is an honour to call him a friend”

BBC Newsnight - "I found it hard to listen to them condemn the very type of attack they have conducted themselves for so many years."

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