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Keynote speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper is a former specialist military unit commander, combat helicopter pilot, wounded veteran, international athlete, musician, leadership and resilience expert.

Ash became one of the most operationally experienced officers of his generation, spending almost seven years deployed, leading some of the world’s most skilled forces in predominant challenging, complex and hostile environments, such as the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Following retirement from active duty, Ash turned his attention to business, focussing on addressing issues of leadership, resilience, team-building, leader development, talent management and more, after recognising how many companies today experience very similar difficulties to what he and his colleagues faced in combat.

Ash draws on lessons learned from more than 25 years of experience in managing and leading diverse multinational military, civilian, government, sports, and other elite teams, using those insights and experience gained from working in some of the world’s most challenging, hostile and complex environments.

With powerful examples of resilience, leadership, teamwork and trust, Ash assists businesses and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and behaviours necessary in order to adapt and win. Leveraging empowering and motivational stories from his personal and professional life, Ash now supports companies, organisations and teams of all sizes to fulfil their potential.

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Ash Alexander-Cooper will inspire your organisation or company, providing keynotes on leadership and resilience, team-building and culture, communication and talent management.